Renewable Energy


Ground pump and air systems

   Ground pump and air systems are similar to fridges in that they absorb heat at low temperatures and compress it to increase heat under pressure. They do require electricity to operate, but this is offset by free and constant heat energy from the ground or air.

Other renewable technologies allow domestic customers to produce their own electricity using wind or solar power. They also include fuels made from wood or postconsumer waste. These can be an economical and sustainable alternative to gas.

Renewable energy systems are not a technology of the future. They are an attractive and readily available option right now.


You can heat your home with renewable energy

There are many factors that make renewable energy attractive. It is important to consider the rapidly rising fuel costs and the increasing pressure to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Investing in renewables can be a cost-effective way to sidestep many of these problems. Homeowners can also look to the government for assistance with incentives like a feed-in tariff for excess electricity or grants for renewable heating systems.

There are many ways to harness free renewable energy for home heating and hot water. There are several options for free renewable energy, including solar panels and ground and air source heat pumps.